SMART User Docs

SMART is an open source application designed to help data scientists and research teams efficiently build labeled training datasets for supervised machine learning tasks.

Feature Highlights

  • Active Learning algorithms for selecting the next batch of data to label.
  • Inter-rater reliability metrics to help determine a human-level baseline and the understand the test validity of your labeling task.
  • Admin dashboard and other project management tools to help oversee the labeling process and coder progress.
  • Multi-user coding, for parallel annotation efforts within a project.
  • Self-hosted installation, to keep sensitive data secure within your organization’s firewall.

Quick Start

      $ git clone
      $ cd smart/envs/dev/
      $ docker-compose build
      $ docker volume create --name=vol_smart_pgdata
      $ docker volume create --name=vol_smart_data
$ docker-compose run --rm smart_backend ./
      $ docker-compose up -d

Open your browser to http://localhost:8000